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Taipei Showtime!

Bird's eye view of the booth this year. The sofas look a bit too comfy. We wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Years!

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Trade Show Success

This year's trade show was another success. Thanks to all of those who put in tremendous effort into making it happen. We will see you again next year. Happy Holidays!

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Filgo Doors Official Website Launch

The Filgo Doors website is officially launched. You can now shop through hundreds of products in just a few clicks. This is a new service inspired by our clients and we truly hope you enjoy the experience. The idea behind this website is to make inquiring a whole lot faster, meaning no more writing endless emails, wasting money making long distance phone calls with people who can't understand a word you're saying, and browsing through confusing catalogues. By making your inquiries online, we can easily keep track of your needs and make sure they are attended to. But don't forget our original services are still available, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to say...

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