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Do you ship to international locations?
Yes. Duty and shipping costs will vary according to your location and is not included in the list price.

How do you package?
For projects 25 doors/pallet for 40' high cube and 23 doors/pallet for 20' and for individual custom orders we gift wrap with construction standards and beyond and send via DHL. Do let us know if you have specific packaging needs.

How many doors will fit into my container space?
40' high cube can roughly fit 26 pallets = 650 doors.
40' can roughly fit 26 pallets = 598 doors.
20' can roughly fit 12 pallets = 276 doors.

Are your pallets fumigated?
Yes. Our pallets are phytosanitary compliant.

Are your doors certified?
Yes. Click here to find out more. If you need specific certification for your country, we can help.

Do you have ETC testing?
Yes. Click here to find out more.

Is there a painting and staining guide?
Yes. Click on the links painting and staining to find out more.

What are the advantages of fiberglass doors over solid wood and steel doors?
a) Fiberglass doors won't dent, crack, rot, split, splinter, dent, rust or warp.
b) They are moisture, impact, and pest resistant.
c) Fiberglass doors keep the aesthetic of wood doors and strength of steel doors.

What kind of structure do your doors use?
Please go here to see our door structure. We can also customize it to your needs.

How thick are your door skins?
Standard is 2mm. We have also gone up to 4mm for specific client needs.

How do I get a quotation?
For quotations, please use our products section and send us your inquiry online.

How do you calculate U-Value?
You can find a simple calculation tool here.

Where are the terms of use for this website?
You can find them here.